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Repaired Area

Cladding Penetrations

From an Initial Existing Condition survey through repair and restoration, we'll work with you to ensure your Dryvit/EIFS Cladding System continues to perform now, and for years to come.

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Damaged Area


All building materials deteriorate over time, and the life of your buildings exterior is dependent upon the ability to recognize and address the early signs of this deterioration. At WeatherSeal, we help clients just like you protect and maintain the integrity of your Dryvit/EIFS Cladding System.

Dryvit/EIFS systems are designed to provide exceptional insulating and moisture resistant qualities, provided they are maintained and inspected  periodically. However, they are not maintenance free.To maintain the appearance and prevent staining, the exterior needs to be cleaned periodically. Additionally, any penetrations in the cladding system also need to be promptly repaired to prevent moisture intrusion.

We can assist you with:

-Low Pressure Dryvit/EIFS Safe Cleaning

-Dryvit/EIFS Repairs of the Cladding System

-Sealant/Expansion Joint Replacement (Dryvit Approved)

-Elastomeric Color Matched Coatings

-Exterior Staining from Metal and Copper Flashing

​-Exterior Pest Deterrents

​-Moisture Inspections

​-Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Most of the damage we see often begins with water filtration entering into the Dryvit/EIFS systems, setting up a problem which will continue to fester until corrected.

Often, a penetration of the cladding system, or failing sealant, as illustrated in the pictures below, can lead to  expensive problems is not corrected in time.

That's where we come in. As both a STO Corp Certified Restore Contractor, and a DryvitCARE Listed Contractor, we have the in depth experience needed to provide restoration services for Dryvit/EIFS clad properties, ranging from single family homes, to larger commercial and industrial properties.